Training & Evaluation

Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology we can simulate any real-world scenario. It can be used to prepare workers to their operations.

VR has some advantages in training process:

  1. Engagement: VR experience is immersive which allows users to be absolutely focused on training
  2. Reduce risks: Any mistake of learner doesn’t affect the real world. We can simulate any consequences and user will memorize the mistake much better
  3. Evaluation: Any metrics can be tracked during training. This info can be shown to learner or mentor. This allows to see employees progress
  4. Faster learning: Because trainings in Virtual Reality are so immersive, they become much more effective in terms of remembering and time you need to study.

Case study from our portfolio

This video represents several scenarios of employee training at the industrial enterprise. First is shown how to use and maintain the gas filter, then learner can go through the safety training (fire at a warehouse).
You can see different kind of interactions you can do in VR training.